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a small light typewriter

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easily or conveniently transported


of a motor designed to be attached to the outside of a boat's hull

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For example, HunterLab recently came out with a new Windows-based "Universal" q-c software program to be used with its MiniScan line of portable spectrophotometers.
Case Logic is the first company to offer a selection of specialized cases specifically designed for portable external hard drives.
He came home from his first day of school with a nosebleed,'' Barbie Wein said of her son, who is on summer break after finishing first grade in a portable at Meadowlark.
Portable chilling equipment, air and water condensed, ranging from 3 to 40 hp.
We have seen a boom with portable backstops in the high school market," says Kevin Murphy, Vice President of Sports Construction and Team Sports for American Athletic, Inc.
Portable, self-contained air-cooling units for blown film production.
With ongoing technology improvements in media compression, wireless communications, and small form-factor storage, portable media players have quickly become the media-on-the-go equivalent of the cell phone.
While both traditional and portable classrooms have problems with indoor air pollution and poor ventilation, portables generated more complaints from teachers and were 10 times more likely to exceed health guidelines on exposure to formaldehyde - a suspected cancer-causing chemical used frequently in prefabricated bungalows, the study found.
I thought I needed a portable computer, because I was beginning to travel to conferences and wanted to take work with me.
This research entitled North American Portable Power Market provides a comprehensive overview of this market, including major drivers, restraints, and challenges, as well as key market and technology trends.
Wickstrom said an audit of last year's health office logs at Helmers Elementary School revealed no significant difference in how often students from portable and permanent classrooms visited the school nurse.
CMW portable water-cooled water chillers are similar in construction to CMA units, but have water-cooled condensers.