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the quality of being light enough to be carried

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Because of the generous federal estate tax exemption, most upper middle class clients understandably fail to realize the need for making a portability election in order to preserve the portability option for the future.
In parallel to announcing the availability of this number portability functionality, the company is also announcing deployment of the solution at several service providers, including global top-3 players in IPX, international cable, and number portability.
During the second quarter of 2016, the number portability platform recorded 12,923 successful mobile line number portability requests, compared to 21,444 in 2nd quarter of 2015; a variance due to aggressive offers stimulating consumers to change service providers during 2015.
Of course, few clients will be interested in the fine points of the portability regulations.
Trusts that people used to use offer a certain number of "safe harbors" that portability does not.
Number portability also reflects a change in regulatory mindset.
2010(c) allows the estate of a decedent who is survived by a spouse to make a portability election, and Sec.
The frequently asked question is: "If portability is temporary, then why plan with it in mind?
Neustar manages the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC), the US national telephone number registry service that enables the routing of calls to ported numbers.
Mohamed Hamad Bubashait, the general director of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Bahrain, said: "This service follows the introduction of Mobile Number Portability Service back in July 17, 2011 and is completely consistent with it, whereas consumers with fixed telecoms services are entitled now to port their numbers and all associated services when changing their service provider.
Portability is the most underused and overlooked feature in the voluntary benefit arsenal.
In commissioning this project the TRA has intensified its efforts to enable number portability for mobile and fixed line customers," said Horrocks Technology director John Horrocks.
4 GHz solution allows operators to deploy ubiquitous, plug-and-play wireless broadband networks that compete directly with fixed broadband services like cable and DSL in performance and price, but with added simplicity and the convenience of full portability or full mobility where licenses allow it.
AS WIRELESS TO WIRELESS local number portability (LNP) becomes reality in late 2003, wired-to-wireless LNP isn't far behind.
New notebooks offer portability, speed, and e-business features