port-wine stain

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a flat birthmark varying from pink to purple

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Port-wine stain (PWS) is a congenital birthmark that reflects embryonic vascular development abnormalities.
Nevus of Ota, port-wine stain, anterior staphyloma, Glaucoma.
Treatment of port-wine stains is done with pulsed dye laser therapy.
As lyrical and alluring as Poe's own original work, The Port-Wine Stain captures the magic, mystery, and madness of the great American author while weaving an eerie and original tale in homage to him.
Clinical presentation of patients with KTW syndrome has a wide spectrum from incomplete, mild forms of port-wine stains and few varicose veins causing only cosmetic deformity, to severe disability associated with massive limb overgrowths, chronic pain syndrome, skin infections, arthritis, thromboembolism and life-threatening or recurrent bleeding from venous malformations.
A birthmark is almost always harmless and, apart from a port-wine stain, most will disappear by the age of five.
He notices her worsening mood whenever they encounter a couple that includes a partner with a port-wine stain (173).
Port-wine stain is a discoloured area of the skin caused by abnormalities of the blood vessels, and babies are born with it.
In July 2001, another physician-reviewer turned down a Massachusetts girl's request for laser surgery to deal with a large port-wine stain that extended from her left arm to her upper chest.
For instance, they may be less favourably perceived in terms of aesthetic qualities (extent to which the person is perceived as ugly or repulsive); origin (a port-wine stain is likely to be perceived as having a medical origin, while the wheelchair might be the result of either a medical condition or an accident); course (the use of a wheelchair could be perceived as a temporary condition from which one will recover, but the port-wine stain is often perceived as permanent and, in fact, often becomes more noticeable with age).
The port-wine stain is another type ofvascular birthmark that occurs in 3 in 1,000 infants.
About 10 years ago, scientists developed an argon-laser therapy for adults with port-wine stain.
CHICAGO -- Screening infants with a port-wine stain for Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS) with an MRI brain scan had a 23% false-negative rate and actually delayed seizure detection, according to a recent study.
Sclerotherapy: A novel bloodless approach to treat recurrent oral pyogenic granuloma associated with port-wine stain.
3] It is important to note that NOT all individuals with port-wine stain have SWS.