port-wine stain

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a flat birthmark varying from pink to purple

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A birthmark is almost always harmless and, apart from a port-wine stain, most will disappear by the age of five.
However, in both SWS and port-wine stains, a mutation occurs in GNAQ that causes those sets of pathways to increase their activity, ultimately resulting in both conditions.
The work suggests the dye laser preferentially targets the abnormally large blood vessels underlying the skin that cause port-wine stain.
Because port-wine stains grow and thicken over time and will not go away, many parents opt to treat them early when children are small," said Dr.
The callous incident immediately brought Sam back to her childhood and adolescent years when she was subjected to cruel taunts about the port-wine stain birthmark on her face.
For example, the pulsed dye laser selectively heats abnormal blood vessels within the port-wine stain without injuring the surrounding skin.
As dermatologists, we see firsthand the dramatic impact that cosmetic surgery can have on our patients' lives -- particularly the boost in self- esteem it gives those who have lived with an undesirable physical trait, such as a port-wine stain birthmark or severe acne scars," added Dr.
Yet as a child, Ros would barely take her eyes from the floor for fear of what onlookers might say about the large port-wine stain covering the left-hand side of her face.
AFROM dermatologist Nicholas Lowe: The port-wine stain birthmark you have is common and can thicken with age.
But for the past year, this bubbly young woman has been undergoing laser treatment to remove the port-wine stain which has blighted her complexion since birth.