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a port in the United States where customs officials are stationed to oversee the entry and exit of people and merchandise

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A reinsurer's home state supervisor or port of entry supervisor would rate the reinsurer in one of five tiers to determine how much, if any, collateral a reinsurer would be required to post.
To put these improvements into action, the Port of Entry recently held a training exercise to simulate a suicide bomber setting off explosions.
3) During the busiest days (Saturdays and holidays), more than 25,000 pedestrians applied for admission into the United States from Mexico at the Paso del Norte port of entry, part of the total for the year of nearly 8 million pedestrians for the entire district.
Asylum seekers who do not apply at their port of entry are likely to be those who have hidden in lorries or were unaware of the procedures upon arrival.
Miami is the port of entry for about 75 percent of all legal wildlife shipments into the United States, and consequently, most of the illegal shipments.
Lusso's team also made another surprising discovery: They found that the herpes-infected natural killer cells manufacture the CD4 receptor molecule that provides a port of entry for HIV.
Land Port of Entry, a Green Proving Ground project and the first LEED Gold-accredited port of entry in Texas.
The new Union Pacific rail yard in Santa Teresa places to welfare from an agreement inked by the Chinese development firm, which would accelerate the transport for goods from Mexico's Pacific coast and an industrial area just south of the Santa Teresa port of entry.
government officials conducting inspections at the port of entry would detect the counterfeit identification documents.
According to documents filed in federal court by Customs, Bryan walked up to the pedestrian entrance at the Otay Mesa port of entry Oct.
MINNEAPOLIS -- The Wyoming Highway Patrol is using SageGlass electronically tintable glass to manage solar glare and heat gain at its newly built Torrington Port of Entry station north of Cheyenne.
The Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan will on Friday, 2 May 2014 at 10h00, deliver the keynote address at a function to officially open the first-of-its-kind in South Africa, Maritime Port of Entry Control Centre (MPECC) at Cowrie Place, within the Cape Town Harbour.