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a port in the United States where customs officials are stationed to oversee the entry and exit of people and merchandise

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A reinsurer's home state supervisor or port of entry supervisor would rate the reinsurer in one of five tiers to determine how much, if any, collateral a reinsurer would be required to post.
INS inspectors at the Paso del Norte port of entry consistently apprehend persons wanted by various law enforcement agencies and detain these subjects to confirm their extradition.
SageGlass will enable the port of entry to control the intense Texas sunlight throughout the day and seasons without having to install sunshades or blinds, or resort to sunglasses, visors or other sun-blocking methods that would otherwise compromise the outdoor view.
government officials conducting inspections at the port of entry would detect the counterfeit identification documents.
inside the Calexico Port of Entry, where vehicles and pedestrians entering the United States are screened for illegal drugs or weapons.
MINNEAPOLIS -- The Wyoming Highway Patrol is using SageGlass electronically tintable glass to manage solar glare and heat gain at its newly built Torrington Port of Entry station north of Cheyenne.
Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations officers working at the El Paso port of entry seized 492 pounds of marijuana Thursday.
Sheehan said the transponders save 15 to 30 minutes per port of entry.
The world's leading wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, has designated the Port of Vancouver, USA as the exclusive port of entry for all of its wind energy projects in the Columbia River region.
Officials from Yuma Sector Border Patrol, San Luis Port of Entry, and Air and Marine Operations will host an integrated U.
The ACE system will be deployed to every land, sea and air port of entry where CBP has a presence over the next five years.
Customs and Border Protection officers from the Champlain Port of Entry and U.
Since Saipan is the largest island in the CNMI and accounts for 90% of its population, Saipan harbor is the central commercial port of entry.
Customs and Border Protection El Paso port of entry is offering expedited entry for those international travelers who apply for their I-94 document in advance online this holiday season.