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a shallow metal bowl (usually with a handle)

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Chemical writers typically claire that evidence of different substances that settle out in evacuated blood--which according to Galenists is evidence of the different humors--is actually an effect of the exposure of blood to the air, not intrinsic to the blood, but a corruption that occurs in the porringer, or bloodletting bowl.
There was a cup and saucer for the host, and another for his wife and a little porringer for their daughter.
A silver porringer bowl for drinking hot, spiced beverages shares the case with other silver items such as coins, a spoon and an ornate lion's head which once graced the handle of a walking cane.
At Nicholas Shaw Antiques, I held a solid silver porringer and lid which dated back to Charles II.
Most important, a porringer was marked on the handle, "ISM".
Inspectors will spend their first day at Blendex reviewing the company's paperwork, making sure that all HACCP-related documents and records are up to date, Porringer blandly relates, and their second performing a top-to-bottom survey of the company's plant.
For subsequent works that develop this analysis, see Anne Porringer Saab, Reluctant Icon: Gladstone, Bulgaria and the Working Classes, 1856-78 (Harvard UP, 1991); James Vernon, Politics and the People.
As Edma enters [Charlotte's room], the little porcelain porringer glowing like the Grail between her hands, Charlotte vomits blood, ropes of it, exultant" (62).
Staffers could anticipate Luce's condolences on a relative's death or, on the birth of a baby, a silver Tiffany porringer engraved with the inscription: "To Cathy from Harry Luce and all her father's friends at Time Inc.
The second occurs in modern English porridge and porringer (attested c.
America's first sports trophy, a silver porringer, wrought by Pieter van Inburg, was presented to the winner of a horse race at the Newmarket Course at Hempstead Plains, Long Island.
Similarly, when Defoe's Moll Flanders opens a bundle she has stolen from a customer in an apothecary, the narrative itemizes its contents: "when I came to open it I found there was a suit of childbed-linen in it, very good and almost new, the lace very fine; there was a silver porringer of a pint, a small silver mug and six spoons, with some other linen, a good smock, and three silk handkerchiefs, and in the mug, wrapped up in a paper, 18s 6d in money" (255).
And often after sun-set, Sir, When it is light and fair, I take my little porringer, And eat my supper there.
Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, and Mother Goose adorn pieces including a frame, baby cup, porringer, three-piece feeding set, bank and music box.
0 two andyrons, 3 pewter bason, 1 funnell, 1 porringer 3 pottlets, 1 pr tables, one Spin wheel one warming parm and severall trifels in ye house and necessarys for a butcher 2: 0 0 one Gunn 0: 0 0 to transport from folio 507: 2 0 553 [pounds 15: 0 sterling]: Valued by us in persuance of orders of Court dated ye 9th of May & 19th Septemr last ye estate of Assher Levy decased presented to us by ye widdow according to inventory and appraised to yeSume of five hundred fifty three pound fifteen Shillings Current money in New Yorke as witness our hands anno 1682/3 February ye 9th (debts excepted) N.