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any igneous rock with crystals embedded in a finer groundmass of minerals

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NEV 033 drill hole peripheral to major porphyry copper-gold system
In this marvelous and exquisitely produced work of free-wheeling scholarship and passionate commitment to materiality, Suzanne Butters presents the story of the campaign in sixteenth-century Florence to establish the royal and imperial stone of porphyry as the special province of the Medici.
Having presented the reader with the words of Porphyry, Hoffmann concludes the book with an Epilogue, that is, as noted above, a model summary of the history of the Christian church during the first few centuries of the Common Era.
This report examines international trade and worldwide market trends pertaining to granite, porphyry, basalt, sandstone, etc.
Cuprum Resources, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bellhaven Ventures, controls the Cerro Chorcha porphyry copper deposit and surrounding (242 km2) concession block located in the headwaters of the Guariviara River, roughly 40 km northwest of the well-known Cerro Colorado porphyry copper deposit.
Carl Nelson, Bellhaven's President and CEO, says, "Exchange approval of the Cuprum share transaction was the final step in Bellhaven's acquisition of the Cerro Chorcha porphyry copper deposit.
Chile: Maduro property: The Maduro property shows evidences of Au-Ag High Sulphidation and Porphyry mineralization.
TORONTO -- After spending over US$3million, Rio Tinto assumes management of the Tunceli Joint Exploration Area, including the Cevizlidere porphyry copper prospect (Kizilviran).
The survey targets are world class porphyry copper-gold and coal deposits.
The geological observations from this work confirm the presence of a large porphyry copper, hydrothermal, system similar in mineralization and alteration to the copper deposits of Chile.
Markham Wash holds many geologic similarities to the neighboring lands containing the known porphyry copper deposits, though much of the area is masked by post mineral volcanic and alluvial cover.
5 kilometers) south-southeast of the Tyrone porphyry copper deposit and 14 miles (22.
The Amended Agreement covers an area of 7,648 square kilometres (km2) in southern Mongolia and includes ground prospective for both world class porphyry copper-gold and metallurgical coal deposits.
Cross cutting the sequence at a shallow angle is a series of feldspar porphyry and diabase dikes.
The program commences with scout drilling at the Camp porphyry copper target and then moves to the Fruta Del Norte (FDN) area to test the interpreted continuation of the Bonza-Las Penas epithermal gold-silver deposit.