porphyritic rock

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any igneous rock with crystals embedded in a finer groundmass of minerals


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Twenty-eight axes made from porphyritic rock types were cored for comparison with the known sources of porphyritic andesite in Ireland.
The 59-minute work takes the viewer/listener from the coal seams of Tyneside to the porphyritic rocks north of the River Tweed while echoing the sounds specific to each area of coast.
Trenching along the north of Lascogon has also begun to reveal heavily altered andesitic and porphyritic rocks which are identical to those currently being mined for gold in the neighbouring concession.
The quartz monzonitic rocks in the southern part of the Riga batholith are brownish, mostly coarse-grained porphyritic rocks containing megacrysts of euhedral, mesoperthitic alkali feldspar.
At Cajatambo, gold-silver mineralization occurs in altered Tertiary porphyritic rocks over an area at least 3.
Within the targets, outcropping porphyritic rocks with quartz-sulphide or quartz-iron oxide stockwork veining and/or disseminated sulphide has been observed.
Earlier work at the Project confirmed porphyry style gold and copper mineralization hosted in potassically and argically altered porphyritic rocks (NR Sept.
Gold and copper mineralization is associated with disseminated and vein pyrite with bornite, chalcocite, and minor chalcopyrite hosted in potassically and argillically altered porphyritic rocks.
Drill hole BND09 has been completed and intersected fractured and porphyritic rocks over its entire length.