pork barrel

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a legislative appropriation designed to ingratiate legislators with their constituents


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He said getting some of the supposed pork barrel funds from the federal states' budgets would defeat the purpose of shifting to federalism.
The so-called Napoles pork barrel scam showed in 2013 just how easily the fund could be abused and misused.
The PDAF used to be the congressional pork barrel until the SC struck it down in November 2013.
The cases stem from channeling of P10 billion pork barrel funds of some legislators through fake nongovernmental organisations that Ms Napoles created with her household helpers and other employees fronting as her dummies.
But the billions devoted to several thousand earmarked projects that could not survive the regular budget process also highlights an important underlying question about pork barrel spending: Is it an essential lubricant necessary to secure passage of well-understood, designed and implemented policies that are truly justified as advancing Americans' general welfare, or is it the essence of legislation, with little or nothing to do with advancing the public good?
Napoles is accused of masterminding the pork barrel scam that her group allegedly pulled off over 10 years, using a network of bogus nongovernment organizations.
I have always maintained the principal reason why our nation's infra backbone is so incoherent and chronically deficient is the pork barrel culture.
He said pork barrel funds for senators or congressmen could be hidden in budgets of departments or agencies to finance projects in their legislative districts.
This early, the suspected pork barrel scam mastermind was spotted using already a wheelchair, but an expensive one, reportedly a Louis Vuitton, based on the photo below, although it could be a Photoshopped image.
Susan Yap (2nd District, Tarlac) and Antonio Tinio (Party-list, ACT) have contradicting stands on the pork barrel scam, which implicated some senators and congressmen.
Estrada, who is currently out on bail in his pork barrel case, said he has not decided yet but he plans to 'go around the country' to thank his supporters.
And the pork barrel system in the guise of lump sum appropriations would most likely be embedded in the proposed 2016 P3 trillion national budget because of political considerations.
Amid the furor created by the pork barrel scam in the Philippines and on the same week that the country was again battered by a storm that flooded parts of the country for days, the Filipino humour was not lost.
WASHINGTON - Depending on how you slice it, Southern California Congress members Julian Dixon, Lucille Roybal-Allard and Jerry Lewis are either wallowing in pork barrel spending or very adept at bringing home some needed bacon.
Since my first term in Congress in 2013 and until now I did not partake of any pork barrel type congressional allocation in pursuance of our advocacy against patronage politics and the pork barrel system,' he said in a statement.