population growth

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increase in the number of people who inhabit a territory or state

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They said that without controlling population growth we would not be
Lane County's population growth this year was driven by Eugene, which gained 2,625 residents to reach 163,400 - a growth rate of 1.
Yet, population growth is not mentioned among the goals nor the targets.
The high birth rate is the main reason for population growth in large municipalities.
The introduction of family planning programs, as part of the strategy, has made a small dent in the population growth rate.
The announcement of the threat of a long-term water shortage seemed to come from some officials who felt Khamenehi's population growth policy was bad for the country.
The contribution to the population growth in the Netherlands due to
Key words: population growth, human resources management, company, pension reform
Washington, Oct 12 (ANI): A new study has suggested that changes in population growth and composition, including aging and urbanization, could affect global emissions of carbon dioxide over the next 40 years.
Another recent UN report, World Population Policies 2007, says that many governments continue to be concerned about the consequences of excessive population growth for economic growth and sustainable development.
While there is a disproportionate focus on population growth in the overview and conclusion that runs counter to the rest of the report, the other sections of the publication puts forward a nuanced view of the relationships between population dynamics, gender, development and climate change.
Urban development is associated with population growth as new residences and businesses are developed to accommodate increasing population.
And what is the difference in impact between population growth in Third World countries, which are poor, against that in the U.
We are seeing very low population growth and very strong economic growth in Ventura County," said Bill Watkins, executive director of the UCSB Economic Forecast Project and a former research economist at the Federal Reserve.
And if young people in so-called "birth dearth" or negative population growth countries do have a larger burden on the horizon in caring for their elders because of changing age demographics, so be it.
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