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A certified flight instructor and a student in the Cessna were given a warning for violating air regulations by doing practice maneuvers over populated areas, said Sgt.
Deputies had been out to the area near his home - a sparsely populated area between Mojave and Rosamond - previously to investigate reports of gunfire, Wood said.
ROSAMOND - A Kern County sheriff's deputy shot and wounded a 58-year-old man early Friday after responding to a report of illegal shooting in a sparsely populated area between Mojave and Rosamond, officials said.
about a mile south of the poppy reserve in a sparsely populated area off Munz Ranch Road and Lancaster Road.
Sunday at a home in a sparsely populated area north of Rosamond.
The mobile home is in a sparsely populated area located off Backus Road near Mojave Tropico Road.
CNFL distributes electricity in the most densely populated area of the country--the central region of the Great Metropolitan Area.
KHOR, November 21, 2009 (Frontier Star): A foul smell has gripped the area due to the presence of slaughter house in populated area while, the residents demanded of the ministry of Health to shift the slaughter house outside the populated area.
ROSAMOND - One woman is dead, a second is hospitalized and a third is in jail following a shooting at a mobile home in a sparsely populated area north of Rosamond, Kern County sheriff's deputies said Monday.
13 after deputies acting on a tip found a cockfighting arena near an abandoned house in a sparsely populated area about 15 miles east of Lancaster.
No structures in the sparsely populated area near Pyramid Lake were reported to have been threatened.
It's very rare that you get an opportunity to develop that amount of land that close to the airport and the interstates in a populated area like north St.
Edwards is probably less likely to be targeted by terrorists than a base in a heavily populated area, she said, but as a government installation it remains at risk.
Strategically, we are expanding our presence in a densely populated area of Silesia, with its very promising potential for further developments and growth," said Stan Lis, President of Stream.
The guy knows this desert like the back of his hand,'' said a man who lives in the sparsely populated area and asked not to be identified.