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someone who makes attractive to the general public

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His success as a popularizer rested largely on the strengths of his dog, a spaniel that could "read, calculate, solve problems, and do other physics tricks and games.
Future popularizers of science will be hard-pressed to match his eloquence and range.
And William McKinnon, another gifted popularizer, reminds us that
Heinrich Olbers, famous for his paradox about the night sky, viewed the massive star during the first half of the 19th century, as did Nicolas Flammarion, the great French popularizer of astronomy.
Gleb Tsipursky, this workbook draws on the author's scholarship on meaning and purpose and his experience as a science popularizer and President at Intentional Insights.
Over the next decade, Savoy was the main popularizer of the "lost city," writing about it in books and encouraging media coverage.
When a brilliant scientific mind like Stephen Hawking also happens to be a great popularizer of science, it's a gift to the world.
He is also a science popularizer, a best-selling author, and president of the nonprofit organization Intentional Insights (www.
In his three-page introduction, Harrington, professor emeritus of the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Dublin and a prolific popularizer of current biblical scholarship, deftly indicates the post-70 AD circumstances of Matthew's Gospel and its Jewish-Christian author's concern to present Jesus as teacher or sage for a community "in a state of 'cold war' with official Judaism" (2).
As head of the David Suzuki Foundation, he's both a promoter of science and a popularizer.
Qiuyu has developed an honored reputation as a representative and popularizer of Chinese culture, lecturing at Harvard, Yale, and other institutions.
Vladimir Arnold was a major Russian mathematician and popularizer of mathematics.
He was a mathematician, a philosopher of science, and a popularizer.
Gladwell, a popularizer of scientific thought and research in best-sellers and The New Yorker magazine, takes on the challenges of obstacles and the nature of disabilities and setbacks in the book.
If Henry David Thoreau was the philosopher of the wilderness movement and John Muir its popularizer, Ansel Adams was its artist.