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an interpretation that easily understandable and acceptable

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the act of making something attractive to the general public

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PSF is working for popularization, promotion and funding of scientific and technological research, he added.
More recently, Elorza (2010) has developed a cross-cultural comparison of two science popularizations, one in Spanish and the other in English, which narrate the same scientific finding, getting to the conclusion that, even within the same genre (science popularization articles as published in comparable newspapers), these texts are highly dependent on the strategies used by each writer in order to achieve their communicative goals.
Luey believes that the argument over popularization in American intellectual circles is one phase of the culture wars that have raged since World War II.
Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov decorated Tuesday the Macedonian basketball team with Medal of Merits for Macedonia for promoting Macedonia in the world and for outstanding contribution to the development and popularization of the sport in the country after taking the fourth place at the European Championships in Lithuania.
They will analyze the demand and marketability throughout its operation to go forward with verifying more specifics for EV popularization, such as tax incentives and charging infrastructure installation.
Expanding the American mind; books and the popularization of knowledge.
The popularization of EVs in Thailand will not only contribute to the reduction of environmental burdens, but I also firmly believe that the popularization of EVs in Thailand will be an important aspect in bolstering Thailand's competitive edge in the next generation vehicle industry,'' Mitsubishi Motors President Osamu Masuko said in a statement.
The Thai MOI has already been aiming towards advancement of EVs as part of its policies to expand the Thailand automobile industry, however through the start of this EV joint project with MMC, the MOI moves forward with specific testing for the popularization of EVs, through use of the i-MiEV, researching the acceptability and marketability of EVs in Thailand, setting up user support systems, and expanding charging infrastructure, etc.
Napoleon's wish to compete in the world sugar market led to the popularization of sugar beets and opened people's eyes to other forms of sweetener beyond cane sugar.
General director for the popularization office of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran told that 120 businessmen active in the fields of agriculture and foodstuff are supposed to attend Tehran Foodstuff Exhibition.
Teshima said, 'This Grand Prize is a great honour and is a further incentive for our engineers to continue pursuing Mitsubishi Motors' pioneering work in promotion of popularization of alternative powertrains.
Perhaps no one person has done more for the popularization of astronomy than Walther Bauersfeld [1879-1959].
The articles Kaljulaid prepared to promote the popularization of mathematics are extremely interesting and explain such topics as polynomials and formal series, Galois theory and Mordell's problem.
Their popularization of land speed record efforts would change the makeup and construction of automobiles, challenge speed concepts, and foster a new era of design: it's a key title for understanding auto history and development and deserves a spot in any serious transportation lending library.
The development and popularization of Salsa owe Puerto Rican and Cuban musicians in New York a debt of gratitude.