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music adapted to the understanding and taste of the majority

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That is unlikely to change any time soon, but there is the consolation that the awards were hijacked by triviality and popularism several years ago and the winner gains about as much kudos as the last one left in the I'm A Celebrity jungle.
This meant that he was genuinely a liberal progressive at heart and his popularism no more undermined his core beliefs in constitutional government and international order than did Disraeli's.
What I saw in the radical changes in 1974 and have more seen in the last two reorganisations in Wales is that restructuring was influenced by a need to change, even though the process was not entirely free of political dogma, protectionism or popularism.
As much as people were captivated by his lectures, they were just as mystified by his personality, which frankly lacked any worldly popularism or friendly receptivity.
Different though they are, the popularism of the Guthrie and the populism often Thousand Things share at least one aim: the use of every theatrical means to broaden the audience for and to engage audiences in the tradition of Shakespearean theatre.
In the days after the murderous act, all three Israeli political leaders, raised the flags of demagoguery and popularism, attempting to out do each other calling for the collective punishment of not only Dwayat's family but also all the Palestinian people.
This sort of state of mind reflects the poor popularism that is a main characteristic of shallow personalities.
An introduction is provided which provides the background on Tolstoyanism, popularism, some of the various sectarian groups, such as the Molokans and Doukhobors.
Like these drawings, the poetry and prose by Vittoria Colonna, Michelangelo, and others in their circle exhibit tensions around the issues of disegno and colore, artifice and simplicity, the intellect and emotion, elitism and popularism, word and image, doctrine and faith, and the masculine and the feminine.
A third feature of the emerging proto-fascism is the relationship between the construction of an ongoing culture of fear and a form of patriotic correctness designed to bolster a rampant nationalism and a selective popularism.
The Liberal Democrats are carping from the sidelines with their never-ending list of two-for-the-price-of-one soundbites, but no policies of substance as their popularism reaches new heights.
The wars in the former Yugoslavia also loom large; here, European readers might feel frustrated by the occasional slip into polemic, as in Andreas Huyssen's assertion in his essay 'Nation, Race and Immigration' that 'the difference between Serb nationalism bent on outward conquest and genocide, and a western European popularism that calls for internal ethnic cleansing on the basis of a new differentialist racism is only one of degree and direction' (p.
Luigi Sturzo thought that popularism was not an ideology, but a social-economic doctrine, on the basis of which to bring into existence a proper capitalism, a widespread and unrestricted intensive growth of economy.
Bob Fine and Anthony Mar x are both right, but what undergirded a turn to class (Marx) and a popularism (Fine) was the Manichean and sectarian character of the ANC's positions.