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music adapted to the understanding and taste of the majority

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Kersten and West will describe why developer popularism is happening, what that means to developers and how developers need to engage with management and other constituents in the software value chain to ensure that ALM continues to provide value.
In the days after the murderous act, all three Israeli political leaders, raised the flags of demagoguery and popularism, attempting to out do each other calling for the collective punishment of not only Dwayat's family but also all the Palestinian people.
This sort of state of mind reflects the poor popularism that is a main characteristic of shallow personalities.
Mr Cameron's biggest challenge in seeking to shift his party to the centre and away from the right-wing popularism of Mr Duncan Smith and Mr Howard is to present moderate policies that make the Conservatives sharply different to New Labour.
Like these drawings, the poetry and prose by Vittoria Colonna, Michelangelo, and others in their circle exhibit tensions around the issues of disegno and colore, artifice and simplicity, the intellect and emotion, elitism and popularism, word and image, doctrine and faith, and the masculine and the feminine.
The Liberal Democrats are carping from the sidelines with their never-ending list of two-for-the-price-of-one soundbites, but no policies of substance as their popularism reaches new heights.
He added: "He's the perfect example of the way in which there is a muddle about popularism.
Luigi Sturzo thought that popularism was not an ideology, but a social-economic doctrine, on the basis of which to bring into existence a proper capitalism, a widespread and unrestricted intensive growth of economy.
Nor that he has a nerve telling the Prime Minister to start believing in something when he was the one that urged him to mainline on regular snorts of bogus popularism.
Syncretic Popular Theatre: Concert Party and Yoruba Opera" praises the two forms for their popularism and relates their evolution from Christian inspiration to social and legendary themes.
Rogers continued to delight, with Lloyd's supreme in the UK boom, and undoubtedly the key tool in the second wave debate on architecture and popularism.