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a belief or sentiment shared by most people

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Contrary to popular opinion, using your toothbrush too enthusiastically could permanently damage your teeth and gums, and people who do this may actually risk harming themselves.
The raunchy Egyptian actress has been defending herself from the accusations of too much sex for an Arab audience for years but her latest project might just tip popular opinion over the edge.
WASHINGTON, Oct 12 (KUNA) -- The Taliban's recent attack on a 14-year-old Pakistani girl is galvanizing popular opinion against them, the State Department said Friday.
Holzer (emeritus, Brooklyn Law School) presents this rebuttal to the popular opinion of Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas.
Bodyguards is Wichita's name for the nationwide peer education program called Popular Opinion Leader.
John W Gray (I wonder what the W stands for) should listen to popular opinion.
Friedman's account of the relationship between popular opinion and the Supreme Court shows how the American people came to accept their most controversial institution.
Alan Johnson is a politician in touch with popular opinion so hopes are understandably high that he will recognise the overwhelming case for a proper inquiry into the 1989 football tragedy.
Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not looking to make things easy for Tesco.
Contrary to popular opinion, atherosclerosis is not a disease unique to modern civilization.
There may be only a few global warming critics among scientists, but policy is so often dictated by the court of popular opinion.
The Occult, normally regarded as nonsense, but some become devoted to it in spite of popular opinion.
This is problematic, the report argues, because policymakers often justify punitive legislation on the basis of such popular opinion.
This collection of 16 case studies and essays includes public opinion data, communication theory and international examples to examine the formation of popular opinion about biotechnology and genetically modified foods, covering such issues as public perceptions of genetically modified foods in the UK and Germany, the workings of the mass media in Switzerland, US public research polls, biotechnology and consumer information, and Brazilian attitudes on transgenics.
07), I know this is a popular opinion but I beg to differ.