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The second section on 'text' examines rock and pop genres, in terms of their history, politics, and sexuality (Chapter 3), genres of 'black' music (Chapter 4), the meanings of music as text (Chapter 5) and theories of performativity (Butler) and distinction (Bourdieu), as they have been employed in popular music studies (Chapter 6).
The history of Tanzanian popular music from the 1920s to the mid-1980s, when socialism collapsed, is explored in Chapter 2.
Focusing primarily on 1948 and 1955--from the point that television became a notable domestic medium to the point that it was utilised as a vehicle for selling a new generation of popular music stars--Forman explores in detail how the industry made sense of the role of music for a visual medium, how it represented America's diverse range of ethnically rooted popular music, and how a variety of other economic interests responded.
Blackpool Tower organist Kevin Grunnill is the man who is at the organ console every Thursday at 1pm to play a concert of popular music.
While these scholars claim widely different disciplinary homes, their work resonates collectively in a manner that announces an emerging scope within popular music studies that accounts in a new way for the racial and ethnic aspects of rhythm and blues.
Adalberto Paranhos examines the role of popular music during Getulio Vargas' Estado Novo (1937-1945).
5 hours of popular music per day, young people's annual exposure to alcohol brand references in popular music is substantial.
Scott begins his work by addressing the assumptions of scholars concerning the history of not only popular music but also western music in the 19th century.
IT SEEMS only fitting that Liverpool would end up being one of the country's foremost places to study popular music.
A university claims It Is the first Institute In the UK and "probably the world" to launch a Masters degree on The Beatles, popular music and society.
A UNIVERSITY claimed yesterday they were launching the world's first masters degree on The Beatles, popular music and society.
The USC Thornton School of Music will introduce a new popular music performance major in fall 2009.
Popsie: Popular Music Through the Camera Lens of William 'Popsie' Randolph
Plenty of Billboard-type guides provide chart lists of hit albums and many a music book discusses key albums; but this is the first to select 100 albums with lasting influence on popular music trends, and should be considered an essential reference for any collection strong in popular music history.
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