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a mushroom-shaped valve that rises perpendicularly from its seat

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Serviceability and safety improvements include an easily accessible piston and poppet assembly, as well as an optional davit arm.
Pancake, an eight-month-old piebald, had already collapsed while Poppet was anaemic and weakened by parasites.
The lighter and darker blue solids in the Figure are the poppet valve solids, which are all made of copper.
The female rabbits - Wrigley, Smokey and Poppet - found under garden waste that was being burnt
But vet John Gunn revived Poppet and nursed her to health.
Amongst many cultures throughout the world, a poppet or effigy would be used with very sharp needles stuck into its 'heart' as a way of doing evil to an enemy.
The new JPC Series check valves utilize Clippard's poppet design and provide a variety of port configurations.
The son of Starborough is one of six winners produced by the Robinsons' star broodmare Our Poppet, a 14-year-old daughter of Warning and St Simon Stakes winner Upend.
THIS week we meet Poppy Poppet, a real character who is bringing fun and games into the life of an Almondbury family.
A switch from metal to PEEK has improved the performance of poppet valves produced by Performance Plastics, and with it the efficiency of the compressors on which they are used.
GAS Products, located in Blue Springs, MO designs and manufactures unloaders, valves, and valve components, including its radial poppet valve and unloader product line, as well as an array of poppet valve repair components for reciprocating gas and air compressors.
Poppet seals, custom molded from nitrile and many other high performance elastomer compounds, are manufactured by this company for use in check valves for pressure relief and shut-off devices in natural gas valve assembly applications.
The proportional flow valves are available in eight different schemes, consisting of NO-normally opened and NC-normally closed options: priority pressure compensated, restrictive pressure compensated, restrictive spool (noncompensated) and restrictive poppet (non-compensated) valve types.
The separation cavity has two pneumatically interlocked poppet valves, tangentially opposed to provide for the introduction and draining of CIP or flushing liquids.
WHICH pop poppet is obviously hoping for a cleaner image in 2006?