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light hollow muffin made of a puff batter (individual Yorkshire pudding) baked in a deep muffin cup

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NOTE: To make this recipe, you will need a Teflon-lined popover pan with a 12-cup capacity.
My popping over in bed that night was not the fault of the popover.
MARRAKECH MINI-BREAK FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR Make the most of the four-day weekend (without taking a day off work) with a three-night popover to Marrakech.
Menu includes Asparagus Popover on Greens; Apple Cranberry Phyllo Turnovers; Brown Sugar Bacon; Pumpkin Crumb Coffee Cake; and Rummed Hot Cider.
The "Eva for Loverly" collection, for example, features styles and colors like jumpsuits, midi dresses and popover tops in blush, sage and navy, the terms Loverly users have been searching, bundling and sharing on the platform.
Unmold onto a wire rack and use point of a small knife to pierce a small hole in side of each popover to allow steam to vent.
Dropdown section listings and a popover article rail allow users to easily move between sections and articles;
Judith Doherty of Colorado Springs likes to add mix-ins such as ham or vegetables to a quick popover recipe, so she cuts them up in advance and stores them in plastic bags until ready to use.
Streamlined navigation - a popover section listing allows for smooth navigation between sections.
Thank you for the great popover recipe ("Foolproof Puffs," February, page 108).
POPOVER CAFE has figured out how to make popovers that do not fall and has put them in a long florist's box.
That's easy payment for the pleasure of spooning fruity jam into a steaming popover for breakfast or breaking into a cream-filled puff drizzled with chocolate.
That old adage is easy to follow when you're feasting on a Tomato Popover Tart.
WHERE's location-based service will be added to Quattro's industry leading Video, Call, In-Application, iTunes and Popover iPhone ad units.
I couldn't resist an honest-to-gosh popover for $1.