popliteal vein

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a vein arising in the knee and ascending to become the femoral vein

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An ultrasound of the abdomen and both lower limbs showed that the thrombosis of the right popliteal vein and portal vein had no significant alteration compared with previous images.
Before planned bone marrow aspiration and biopsy could be performed, the patient developed swelling in her left leg that was identified as a popliteal vein thrombosis.
He was also found to have an acute pulmonary embolus and left popliteal vein DVT over this interval (Figure 1).
In the proximal portion of the fossa, the sciatic nerve is flanked on its medial aspect by the popliteal vein, and anteriorly by the popliteal artery.
Typically the lesser saphenous vein pierces the popliteal fascia, passing between the two heads of gastrocnemius to drain into the popliteal vein (Grant and Basmajian 1965, Hollinshead 1969, Gardner et al 1975, Woodburne and Burkel 1988, Moore and Dalley 2006).
The researchers noted a number of factors that may contribute to flight-associated edema and release of thrombogenic factors, including compression of the popliteal vein on the edge of the seat, immobility, decreased fluid intake, water loss in the dry atmosphere, decreased air pressure, and relative hypoxia.
In 100 limbs studied, popliteal vein (deep venous system) reflux decreased from 65% to 25% following the Closure procedure.