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A: The poplar tree you say is over 15 feet in circumference sounds as if it might be a tree also referred to as cottonwood.
Paul joins the Poplar Tree after almost 20 years working at centres across the North East.
It's spring, but not everything is green at the publicly owned poplar tree farm northwest of Eugene near Highway 99.
I refused on two separate occasions to have my poplar tree lopped by a door-to-door contractor but on the third visit decided to go ahead.
20am yesterday after a 10m section of poplar tree crashed down onto the front of a house.
My old island poplar tree rattles its leaves before the easeful
Scientists in China have made a reflective coating with a structure that mimics the underside of a poplar tree leaf.
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The rare black poplar tree over 100ft high stood on a path off North Road near Burton Dean Park for over 100 years before it was chopped down because Kirklees had fears it may topple over.
Better yet, I could cut down a poplar tree, over 25 feet tall in less than five minutes using a Japanese threshold saw.
144 Earls Road, Nuneaton, removal of conifer and pollarding of poplar tree in rear garden, Mark Wilkes.
It also blasted a hole in her garden wall, scorched a nearby poplar tree and blew up electrical sockets.
In the course of the trial, the court accepted the testimony of an expert that the Lombardy poplar tree has roots that will "lift sidewalks and roads and will exploit weeping tiles and septic tanks as they have a strong affinity to water, that the roots rob the soil of nutrient supplies, are deleterious to lawns and gardens, and could lift up patio stones and bricks".
Senators purchased a tulip poplar tree that was dedicated to O'Bannon during a ceremony in the state museum garden.
I have seen adventitious shoots growing 100 feet away from the base of a poplar tree.