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a vain and talkative person (chatters like a parrot)

an archaic term for a parrot

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Bourdieu uses gender as an example of the lines drawn by such rites, and the popinjay contest obviously does not pertain to women, a distinction underscored by Scott's satiric treatment of Lady Margaret competing for her "right of rank in leaving the field" after the wappen-schaw (Old Mortality 24).
Some of these names may be unfamiliar: SIRENIAN (a member of the mammalian order Sirenia--sea cows); SPRINGER (a flying fish); WANDEROO (a langur monkey); STAGGARD (a stag in its 4th year); COMMENSAL (an animal which lives attached to another and shares its food); WARRIGAL (Australian wild dog); KOLINSKI (a mink); HARTEBEEST(an antelope); DIDELPHIS (an opossum); BUSH BABY (an African lemur); FILANDER (an intestinal worm; also a Kangaroo); MASTODON (an extinct elephant-like mammal); POPINJAY (a parrot); PETREL (a small sea bird); CURASSOW (a turkey-like bird); STANYEL (a kestrel).
The situation in Iran is worse because an ultra-conservative government is now in power, led by an outrageous popinjay of a president, awash in oil revenues, closer than ever to mastering the nuclear technology that could lead to developing nuclear weapons, and brimming with confidence.
Most of her study is devoted to the four main annual festivals of the merchant associations--Christmas, Carnival, the popinjay shoot, and the elections of the May Count--and other recurrent festivals and feast days.
The sporting activities francophone minorities practice are not necessarily unique to their own traditions and culture in the same way that popinjay shooting, rolle bolle and pigeon racing are typical Flemish folk games (Rensen et al.
Third entry is particularly inspired, completing Stelling's trilogy of public exhibitionism starring hilarious comic popinjay Bervoets; his triptych alone would make a fine DVD.
This is the city that elected the popinjay advocate Sir Nicholas Fairbairn to the House of Commons.
There is the ill-fated popinjay, Alexius, Greek claimant to the Byzantine throne, who promised more than he could deliver, as events demonstrated after he was raised to the purple as Alexius IV.
Young ladies in their teens, who have resolution enough to defy parental advice and authority, and run away with some perfumed popinjay, to be "married in haste to repent at leisure," have not moral force nor physical courage enough to put on a pair of calfskin shoes, and a dress short and loose enough to climb hills in without stepping on the skirts, or gasping for the breath they have no room for in their dress waists; and then, thus equipped, to take rambles, and even scrambles, in places rough and smooth in pursuit of those objects of beauty or curiosity, of scientific or artistic interest, which are always accessible in the woods and fields.
The now classic theater piece, written by the insightfully wry and witty Truman Capote, dispels the myth of Capote as popinjay.
He lists the names of the English troopships, among them The Minion, The True Love and The Popinjay.
The popinjay seems to embody two distinct and separate ways in which a man might come into contact with--and therefore be weakened or contaminated by--a woman: directly in the bed or indirectly by adopting feminin manners or appearance.
He tweeted: "We will not allow US-UK relations to be endangered by a puffed up popinjay [conceited person] in City Hall.
I am afraid Sam will be a magnet for those who would like to take a pop at him in a pub or club, 'tis the price to pay for being, well, frankly, a shameless popinjay.
Of course, we're more likely to see 120 minutes of brutally efficient fussball before an epic penalty shootout that lasts half the night and ends only when that strutting popinjay Andreas Moller turns up to recreate his winning spot-kick in the Euro 96 semi-final against England.