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a vain and talkative person (chatters like a parrot)

an archaic term for a parrot

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Leveson Inquiry, isrupgs by er "a Quite so, Mr Popinjay.
Mallon presents all of these people with great tenderness, with the possible exception of Richardson, the preening popinjay who, appropriately, likes to paint birds and whose pride in his own rectitude enables him to escape the catastrophe for a life on the rubber-chicken circuit.
Greyhounds In The Slips, Cradle, Whirring and Popinjay all sound imperiously otherworldly - each climaxing in breathtaking IMAX-sized detonations.
Morton's victory in shooting at the popinjay becomes a public rite of passage.
It was another Joe, Joe Popinjay, who, thirty yards ahead of me, was trying to keep his seat on a neurastenic bucking roan" (187-88).
Pearce, Rabbit Hot, Rabbit Cold, Chronicles of a Vanishing Australian Community, Canberra, Popinjay, 1991, p.
Meanwhile, in a separate move, Ferguson is part of a consortium about to clinch a deal for the Popinjay Hotel in the Clyde Valley, near his Lanarkshire mansion.
Some of these names may be unfamiliar: SIRENIAN (a member of the mammalian order Sirenia--sea cows); SPRINGER (a flying fish); WANDEROO (a langur monkey); STAGGARD (a stag in its 4th year); COMMENSAL (an animal which lives attached to another and shares its food); WARRIGAL (Australian wild dog); KOLINSKI (a mink); HARTEBEEST(an antelope); DIDELPHIS (an opossum); BUSH BABY (an African lemur); FILANDER (an intestinal worm; also a Kangaroo); MASTODON (an extinct elephant-like mammal); POPINJAY (a parrot); PETREL (a small sea bird); CURASSOW (a turkey-like bird); STANYEL (a kestrel).
The situation in Iran is worse because an ultra-conservative government is now in power, led by an outrageous popinjay of a president, awash in oil revenues, closer than ever to mastering the nuclear technology that could lead to developing nuclear weapons, and brimming with confidence.
Most of her study is devoted to the four main annual festivals of the merchant associations--Christmas, Carnival, the popinjay shoot, and the elections of the May Count--and other recurrent festivals and feast days.
The sporting activities francophone minorities practice are not necessarily unique to their own traditions and culture in the same way that popinjay shooting, rolle bolle and pigeon racing are typical Flemish folk games (Rensen et al.
This is the city that elected the popinjay advocate Sir Nicholas Fairbairn to the House of Commons.
There is the ill-fated popinjay, Alexius, Greek claimant to the Byzantine throne, who promised more than he could deliver, as events demonstrated after he was raised to the purple as Alexius IV.
The now classic theater piece, written by the insightfully wry and witty Truman Capote, dispels the myth of Capote as popinjay.
He lists the names of the English troopships, among them The Minion, The True Love and The Popinjay.