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Synonyms for popeyed

with eyes or mouth open in surprise

having bulging eyes

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The immune system also attacks tissues around the eye and in severe cases will lead a the popeyed look.
And it is the world in which he is to spend the rest of his life--unless he turns out to be one of those rare creative persons who retain a country boy's popeyed view of the commonplace.
Watts: a popeyed, linen-suited white man, wearing a clown's red nose and pulling a trolley on which his black wife rides icily silent and dressed as the Queen of Sheba.
These columns seem to have frothed up a Republican senator from the great state of New Hampshire, who actually got upon the Senate floor the other day, all fuming and red-faced and popeyed and gulping, to denounce us by name and to accuse us of taking orders from one of his colleagues with whom he is currently feuding.
Whereupon his father, a small man with a face of horsey length and a melancholy, popeyed, lopsided look, trembled his hands and feet like a roach trembling its wands and made his rough awakening.