pop the question

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Synonyms for pop the question

ask (someone) to marry you

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POP THE QUESTION Ray Byrne and Valerie Sheehan yesterday
She's been telling all her friends that she thinks he's going to pop the question - and she'll definitely say yes," a reliable source close to Perry said.
When they return, the suite is decorated to perfection and the scene is set for the would-be groom to pop the question.
SKYDIVE - What better time to pop the question than when the adrenalin is pumping after jumping out of a plane?
According to tradition, on the last day in February in a leap year, the normal order of proposals is reversed and women can pop the question to men.
IT'S almost leap year, the time when the normal proposal order is reversed and women can go down on bended knee and pop the question.
But while no bimbos in bikinis (or less) were spotted frolicking in the pool, there were plenty of Playmates on hand, like Brande Roderick, Holly Madison, Ava Fabian and Natalia Sokolova, as well as celebrities like Tom Arnold, Crispin Glover, Seth Green and Star Jones, whose boyfriend Al Reynolds waited until Sunday's All-Star Game to pop the question.
Now it is thought Chris will pop the question during a romantic Valentine's break.
Desert Arden, ridden by Florentino Gonzalez, scored by two and a half lengths from the favourite, Pop The Question (Pursuit Of Love-Quiz Time), in a slowly run affair.
But the love-sick student got the captain to pop the question on his behalf - heard by 220 passengers over the tannoy.
And will Leonardo pop the question to Gisele this year?
Jonny, 24, a leisure assistant at Hadrian Leisure in Wallsend, said: "It's two years since our rst date and I thought it was the right time and place to pop the question.
Friends, family and scores of shoppers watched as Mark got down on one knee to pop the question.
And, if you were planning to pop the question anyway, why not make it extra special by doing it on Valentine''s Day?
Ian believes recent changes in the family prompted him to finally pop the question.