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a quiz given without prior warning

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The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and skillfully kept the audience's attention with things like pop quizzes, which were a fun way to both encourage audience participation and reinforce the course material.
Just in case, the coaches continued giving pop quizzes to team members and cards with tiny ovals to pencil in.
September means school's open and school means pop quizzes and here's yours: I thank Paul R.
Apogee's Study-Center courses feature pre-tests, post-tests, and pop quizzes -- all with instantaneous scoring for the individual who is purchasing the course.
You pay your fee (via a credit card or check), read the course work, take pop quizzes periodically at the end of chapters, and take an all-encompassing final exam at the end.
The 45-minute tutorial features links to current news items, pop quizzes and interactive quiz/games to test users on their comprehension of the material.
Work: It is a focal point of most people's lives from their 20s to their 60s, as much as homework and pop quizzes consume the days of schoolchildren, who learned about job possibilities Thursday during a career day.
The 30-minute program features links to current news items, pop quizzes and an interactive quiz/game to test managers on their comprehension of the material.
The chain's executive chefs asked loads of questions and competed in pop quizzes on how to best address safety issues.
These courses feature an interactive environment, including pop quizzes, graphics, animation, and sound to fully illustrate concepts.
The Pac-10 gave up on the money-grubbing postseason elimination tournament a few years back, then arranged the regular-season schedule so that pre-Tournament pop quizzes like these occur.
Lesson summaries, a glossary, pop quizzes, an on-demand calculator, and a multiple-user management system provide the support and teaching tools required for students to use the program either at home or in a high school or higher education setting.
In this part of Alabama, prayer has remained as common as pop quizzes in many schools, despite decades of federal court rulings against the practice.