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a quiz given without prior warning

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The tests we face in this Final judgment are what the church has come to call the corporal works of mercy, and it may not be the pop quiz we've been cramming for all these years.
Answers should be sent to Pop Quiz, Daily Post, Features Department, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L69 3EB.
Here's a little pop quiz you can use on your neighbors or the water cooler gang at the office.
VARIOUS: Twos On 2 (Universal) It's a standard pop quiz question - which classic track did Joe Dolce keep off the top spot with Shaddap You Face?
Somerfield company secretary Stephen Grant was spied playing football and cricket while The Grocer's deputy editor, Sian Harrington was a joint winner of the Mike Read pop quiz.
Political veterans, insiders, would never get a pop quiz," says Hart.
But once in a while the copy goddess will slip in a pop quiz.
The compere of the BBC2 pop quiz launched a tirade of bad-taste remarks - including suggesting that Prince Charles had loosened the wheelnuts on the car in which Princess Diana died.
Now Billy has compiled a cracking pop quiz book based on his many experiences with the musical greats.
Test your clean energy knowledge with a four-question pop quiz (www.
For example, one of the questions presented in a pop quiz is the following:
Quick, take this pop quiz on information technology controls.
Options include a frame-by-frame presentation for player analysis, and you can even stick in a pop quiz to keep the players on their toes.
Teaching, perhaps more than any other profession, requires superior problem-solving skills--any day could be a pop quiz on anything from relatively harmless youth-oriented trends like rap music to more serious issues such as child abuse and teen pregnancy.
Energy Pop Quiz in Petaluma to educate residents on cost-saving electricity alternatives