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Up to nine divots can pop off, one at a time, during a test.
They didn't care that 99% of our trips went off without a hitch; they had to pop off about that one problem--which we were able to handle with an emergency effort.
TEEMING WITH POOP, spew, blood, guts, and jism, Peter Saul's visceral, virtual-toon paintings pop off the wall and go straight for the eyeballs.
Moreover, since all the individual viruses pop off at the same vibrational frequency, the strength, or loudness, of that acoustic signal provides a direct measure of the number of viral particles in the tested sample, the researchers report in the September NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY.
To impress clients and co-workers, content needs to pop off the page, presentations need to grab the audience's attention, and information needs to be presented efficiently and professionally," said Nick Davies, Corel's General Manager Graphics.
Small parts that pop off and find their way into young throats raised the most concern.
With an adhesive derived from this polymer, "you could just cool [bandages] down and they'd pop off," he predicts.
I thought I'd better write that down in case I pop off this year," he added.
The SynthaGram 404 Public Display LCD is ideal for catching the attention of a large audience with its stunning glasses-free 3D images that pop off the screen.
Then this last New Year's Eve he said: 'Why don't we pop off to Gretna Green, just the two of us, and get married?
and how ``this tall, skinny guy generated pop off the bat, and it just captivated all of us watching.
If water somehow enters the wall, perhaps from the interior side, the coating along with a portion of the brick will pop off in large flakes.
We wanted a package that would pop off the shelves, something that would stand out from the countless clutter of other gourmet gifts.
Something clenched on to my foot and then I saw my new flipper pop off.