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music of general appeal to teenagers

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And I never did really like pop music-even when I became [part of] pop music, I was listening to the blues and jazz, and not interested in the hits.
Bhutanese pop music industry is on rise lately with the youth using social media to release their music videos.
Western pop music had a strong influence on Korea's pop music scene through the 1980s.
Sri Lanka began its tryst with pop music at a much later stage, towards the late '90s, points out Bathiya.
This Is Not a Love Song: Video Art and Pop Music Crossovers," opening on Wednesday at the museum's temporary exhibit halls, traces the occasions in which video art and experimental film crossed paths with pop music from the 1960s to the present day.
Topham invites viewers to comment after each video with a leading question such as, "What piece of pop music have you found hard to teach and would like some tips for?
Ang concept ng pop music ngayon ay naka-base sa renaissance music na unang lumabas nu'ng 1455," he said.
However, there was a re-think just before Christmas before Christmas 1974 and, to boost 1974 and, to boost listenership, a new listenership, a new pop music playlist pop music playlist was introduced.
A collapse in sales of pop music magazines and the rise of reunion tours by bands of yesteryear are believed to be symptoms of decline.
Although singers such as Alamgir and Mohammad Ali Shehky were already in the popular singing, it was Nazia who really popularized pop music in Pakistan.
Egyptian Pop Music Takes on Israel Measuring animosity toward Israel via pop music on the Egyptian scene:
Geoff King, 58, a retired Corus worker from Nunthorpe, said: "Just middle of the road modern pop music.
Melbourne, June 02 (ANI): Teen pop star Miley Cyrus has confessed that she doesn't like to listen to pop music and thinks its strange as she produces it herself.
The only fundamental flaw in an otherwise great programme was the constant stream of pop music played throughout.
Last year, we saw brands cut costs by focusing mostly on the licensing of pop music to maintain some celebrity presence in their ads.