pop fly

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a short high fly ball

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Whenever a pop fly goes up, it seems that everyone in the ballpark will yell advice to the fielders.
John's had runners on second and third with no outs in the second inning, and O'Connor got out of it on a pop fly, strikeout and grounder to short.
1 -- color) Andruw Jones jumps to avoid Dodgers teammate Matt Kemp left, as Jones catches a pop fly.
Second baseman Shannon Stacy made two outstanding plays for the Spartans - a leaping stab of a line drive and an over-the-shoulder grab of a shallow pop fly - besides starting two double plays and collecting two of Marist's five hits.
Now for the conclusion which the experienced coach can top off with a pop fly to each of his catchers.
A dropped pop fly with the bases empty and two outs in the top of the second inning opened the gates for two New York runs.
Every catcher has to be able to catch the pop fly - fair or foul - in the vicinity of the plate.
Assabet's Corey McNair broke up his no-hitter when his high pop fly fell among three Northbridge players in front of the plate.
He blew away three overmatched Marlins hitters in a perfect ninth inning, with the only ball put into play a pop fly by Wes Helms.
With a runner on third base, the pitcher will have to cover home plate any time the catcher has to leave the area to retrieve a wild pitch, passed ball, or (with less than two outs) go for a foul pop fly.
Lester got Teixeira to end the inning with a pop fly to third baseman Jed Lowrie.
A line drive by Murphy gave Escobar the second out before pinch hitter Travis Buck lifted a pop fly down the line to shallow right field.
Catcher Josh King moved Graham to third base with a groundout to second, and Walsh dropped a shallow pop fly into right-center with two outs to score Graham.
Giants right fielder Fred Lewis immediately greeted Hendrickson with a pop fly to shallow left that somehow landed on the grass twofeet in front of Rafael Furcal, furthering the notion that the Dodgers were destined to lose the game.
But leadoff batter Nate Frederick's pop fly behind third base was dropped by shortstop Nick Matthews.