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a bottle for holding soft drinks


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This hole should be about 5cm above the bottom of the pop bottle.
Lee, one student from each fourth-grade class presented their pop bottle character to the committee.
It is the carbon dioxide that builds up inside the pop bottle until the pressure is enough to push out the cork with a pop.
First, get a plastic water or pop bottle and, using a sharp knife or pair of scissors, carefully cut off the neck - about an inch or so from the top.
So here's an idea to brighten up the most waterlogged of plots: your own upcycled plastic pop bottle flower garden.
That bottle of raki, for instance, brought back in a pop bottle from Turkey 15 years ago, is still sitting in the cupboard, aging nicely from turps to nail varnish remover.
When my friend, Nita, delivered Grover to my Sierra-Nevada Foothill cabin she brought a recycled soda pop bottle and a small kid nipple.
But this is liquid poop - in a used soda pop bottle.
Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Society of Lane County, navigated the congested Oregon Interstate 5 traffic near Portland, he was taken aback by mountains of broken pop bottle green glass unceremoniously dumped by the roadside.
Take an empty plastic soda pop bottle and fill it with half a cup of vinegar.
We are developing our outdoor learning and pupils and parents are making a recycled pop bottle greenhouse.
He said they finished two-thirds of a 500ml pop bottle that had been filled with vodka, which made them "merry and tipsy".
When did your mum and dad go from being vague figures in the background, only glimpsed when you came in to cadge some money or take a huge gulp from the familysized pop bottle in the fridge, to being some kind of redcoat cum holiday rep cum chaperone?
This particular binman emptied the paper into the big green wheelie bin and then noticed a large plastic pop bottle amongst the paper.