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a bottle for holding soft drinks


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Lee, one student from each fourth-grade class presented their pop bottle character to the committee.
It is the carbon dioxide that builds up inside the pop bottle until the pressure is enough to push out the cork with a pop.
Each pop bottle became a little vitreous Bismarck, a dangerous enemy battleship that had to be stopped at all costs before all was lost, as it made a break for the open water south of Taff Street where the great Victorian arches supporting the railway line marked the end of our territory.
We'd drop it in a pop bottle, fill it with water and shake it until the liquid turned black.
One of the toilets had a pop bottle in it, none of the cubicles had toilet paper and the oor was wet.
Tenants won't have to defrost their toilet cistern with a heater made from an old pop bottle filled with meths.
So here's an idea to brighten up the most waterlogged of plots: your own upcycled plastic pop bottle flower garden.
When my friend, Nita, delivered Grover to my Sierra-Nevada Foothill cabin she brought a recycled soda pop bottle and a small kid nipple.
But this is liquid poop - in a used soda pop bottle.
Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Society of Lane County, navigated the congested Oregon Interstate 5 traffic near Portland, he was taken aback by mountains of broken pop bottle green glass unceremoniously dumped by the roadside.
Take an empty plastic soda pop bottle and fill it with half a cup of vinegar.
Then when the cork exploded from the pop bottle, out came an effervescent fizz of Americana in the mould of World Party.
Transpose this on to the soil using dry sand from an empty pop bottle to draw out the lines that mark the sections for different varieties.