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These levels indicate the relative prosperity or poorness of countries.
At least, I don't notice anybody complaining and perhaps with all the palaver and sleaze of those MPs and their cheating, nobody notices the poorness of the five channels and the umpteen repeats.
The barrier that prevents more advanced usage of available data is believed to be the semantic poorness of today's solutions.
Darwin blamed the lack of transitional fossils in part on the poorness of the paleontological record.
One must never forget that a process guided by the internal resources of the organism is possible irrespective of the richness or poorness of stimuli.
Another account views colic as behaviour that cannot be tolerated by the caregiver, suggesting a poorness of fit between infant and parent characteristics (Pauli-Pott, Becker, Mertesacker & Beckmann, 2000:125).
16) But, as noted above, the view must surmount another objection, too: poorness of fit between argument and reality.
There is poorness of fit when an individual's characteristics result in maladaptive coping or a failure to adapt to environmental circumstances.
Very little emphasis is placed on the superb football played by the Reds in some quarters of the national media, with the focus being the poorness of the opposition.