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someone who spells words

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The spelling approximations in the current study revealed that even very poor spellers encoded morphological knowledge in their spellings and challenges assumptions that poor spellers fail to encode details of word structure (e.
Overall, the intervention increased the attention of poor spellers to the structure of words and effectively improved the quality of their spelling approximations.
Yet, poor spellers always will find ways to expose themselves.
Researchers scored the spellings to allow partial credit for invented spelling, which made the test more sensitive to differences and less susceptible to floor effects, which is important for poor spellers and potentially for students with reading disabilities.
And kids who are poor spellers in English class are poor spellers in instant messaging," she added.
More than 30% of those polled blamed text messaging for the mistakes while 42% think poor spellers are "thick".
She was inspired to write this book when she discovered that some of her students were poor spellers.
Most employers would be put off interviewing a graduate if they were poor spellers, according to a new report.
Seven out of 10 said poor spellers were "careless, immature and unreliable".
This is disturbing, because poor spellers typically remain poor spellers (Juel, 1988).
Further, frequently poor spellers are also poor readers, perhaps because, as Ehri (2000) noted, spelling and reading develop synergistically and reciprocally.
The book will be embraced by poor spellers, the learning disabled, and professionals who sweat it out every time they write an office memo.
We might be beating off poor spellers from around the country ( but simple words like drunkenness are still tripping us up.