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And I find that the minute after my mind is like, 'That poor person, they just wanted a photo'.
We would normally pity the poor person who ends up with him as a client, but - as we discover by the end of the episode - the rather attractive Dr Rachel looks like she'll be able to handle him.
That was a turning point for any poor person in Easterhouse.
Station House Officer (SHO) is not apprehending them because "Im a poor person and work on daily wage while the rivals are rich people of the area and thats the reason the concerned SHO Gohar Ali is not arresting them", he said and added that the killers were constantly threatening the bereaved family for killing all of them if they did not withdraw their FIR against them.
The elder sister of Khadija who is student of graduation said that doctors have told that Khadija could improve provided she gets proper treatment and therapy, adding that since her father is unemployed and poor person they could not afford her treatment.
NFSA entitles every poor person to get at least 5 kg.
Abdul will fly back home, thanks to all those who coordinated the help to send back a poor person who was stranded," the embassy official said.
An extremely poor person is defined as someone who consumes about $1.
situates the otherness of the poor other in terms of a divine economy whose salvation gives the poor person a sacramental dignity, an identity as one sign of the power of God.
A poor person is poor because he does not enjoy adequate access to good schools, proper job and income.
It was only a few weeks ago that she revealed in a TV interview that she had once shot someone , yet refused to reveal the name of that poor person.
13), I speak for every poor person and those on the breadline who are struggling while you promote bedroom tax.
In this vein, we scrutinize Medicaid spending and enrollees per poor person.
Modest Reception" (Paziraie Sadeh) is about a wealthy couple, Leila and Kaveh, who drive through the mountains distributing plastic bags full of money to every poor person they encounter.
But if given to a poor person, the poor person will most likely spend it as his consumption elasticity is greater.