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Synonyms for poop

to make extremely tired

poop out: to lose so much strength and power as to become ineffective or motionless

an unpleasant, tiresome person

Synonyms for poop

a stupid foolish person

Related Words

slang terms for inside information

the rear part of a ship

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The administrators of the scheme update a map with a brown poop icon, warning walkers about the danger zones.
Toy analysts and experts say the potty-related toys are hitting stores now because of the popularity of the poop emoji, which has also made it more acceptable for parents to buy poop toys for their kids.
Budde assumed the woman would be "mortified," clean up the poop and not run in the Colorado Springs neighbourhood again.
If controlling poop is a battle, only the child can win
Hopefully it will become more of a social norm to always clean up the poop.
In one example for the fourth grader edition of the books, the kanji used for the word 'meeting' was illustrated in this sentence: 'We are starting a poop meeting now.
Once installed, the Poop Troop can be accessed directly from the standard keyboard page on a user's smartphone.
As the dogs sniffed where poop was likely to be, I watched for more intense interest and got there to praise and reward them as soon as I found the poop.
Down at the Sands recreation ground in Holmfirth children play football and play at the skate park and I have noticed by one of the trees opposite Lidl that there were four black plastic poop bags left there.
Don't like to carry a full bag of poop/be seen carrying poop (the "ick" factor);
com)-- Napa Valley Poop Patrol (NVPP), an environmentally responsible dog waste removal company, has launched a new program called Scoops on Wheels.
Contract notice: Neufchatel-hardelot: residence the poop lumbres and arques schaffner city: residence la garenne 69 individual housing rehabilitation.
She spent time searching for the band, including checking Halli's poop outside.
Now, the 46-year-old British housewife has launched the 'Jumeirah Park Poop Pick Up' Facebook page to raise awareness of the problem.
At their regional office in Denver, an employee--or employees--have been leaving piles of poop in the hallways outside a staff bathroom.