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Synonyms for puka

South American shrub or small tree having long shining evergreen leaves and panicles of green or yellow flowers

small roundheaded New Zealand tree having large resinous leaves and panicles of green-white flowers

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And this goes on for several pages foregrounding the satirical intent in the fictional plane of presenting the academy as a comic theatre with graduation as its dramatic denouement In the light of the academic metaphor the encyclopedic, historical, mythical and modern dimensions of the novel may be also read as a mockery of university curriculum, the characters as students and Trellis' tortures as torments of tutoring with Pooka as the tutor.
He rode in the next three Nationals, all on outsiders, and he finally got round on The Pooka in 1973.
What were the punters to make of Mad Sweeny, half-naked and smeared with dirt and blood, crouching up in a tree or on a chair during the novel's poker game, where the Fairy (a disembodied voice) raises and checks from her perch in the pocket of the Pooka MacPhellimey's overcoat?
a Bartok talking battoy, a plush Pooka dog with flapping ears or an Anastasia doll.
He also spun vivid yarns about spirits like the shape-changing pooka, the crafty leprechaun, and fish-tailed merrows, who hoarded the souls of drowned fishermen inside lobster pots.
We also have the Pooka Pineapple Bites,'' said Sherry Falkner, food services director for the Las Virgenes Unified School District, as she watched a group of first-graders line up to grab their $1.
For "respectable" Catholics, who were readers of the Nationalist and Tipperary Advertiser, stories of fairies, the banshee, or the pooka were a thing of the past--quaint relics of an earlier, less civilized time.
Dowd, a kindly, alcoholic middle-aged man whose constant companion is a six-foot tall pooka (an imaginary creature) named Harvey.
For example, three copper coins in a white cup in the Pooka MacPhellimey's house have been changed to four in accordance with the Pooka's dictum that truth is an odd number and evil even.
T: ndeengkalz pampaaykku aendtha traeyenel pooka verumpukedrrerkalz?
Being a pooka columnist for a technical magazine is a good sideline for a guy who likes to keep up to date on what people in metalworking manufacturing are thinking and doing.
FITCHBURG - Ancient Celtic folklore tells us that a pooka is to be both revered and feared, but most of the time is a benevolent, talking fairy taking a pleasing form as a horse, rabbit, goat or dog.
Carol Chataway (text) Pooka Working Title Press, 2012 unpaged $24.
D cumt Tom Veitch electrelocution Scott Wright flitch Chuck Miller grapenuts Al Buck meeeeeeeeeeeee Duane Ackerson pooka David Gitin screws Judson Crews toepads Barbara Gaston underwhere Carol DeLugach E / H MATCHBOOK NO.
We post the sales on Twitter and Facebook and watch the orders roll in," says the president of Pooka Pure & Simple (www.