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Synonyms for pooch

informal terms for dogs

round one's lips as if intending to kiss


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The charity that rescues and re-houses unwanted dogs will be judging pooches at Oakwell Visitor Centre Barn.
Michelle said in a statement that it was fun to see the Puppy Bowl X Team work out at the White House, asserting that this year's pooches showed that getting active and drinking lots of water are important ways to keep bodies healthy and energized.
30) a month owners can subscribe to the channel which promises to provide their pooches with "relaxing" and "stimulating" programmes such as dogs running through the wilderness.
As well as online tutorial to teach owners how to give their dogs an impressive pedicure, the company's website also features snaps of various pooches after the pen has been applied.
About six out of 10 households have a pet, adding up to roughly 360 million fish, kitties, pooches and birds nationwide.
In January a cop en route to a drug raid in Tampa, Florida, took a short cut across a neighboring lawn and shot the neighbor's two pooches on his way.
Believe it or not, pooches are easily bored, so to keep their mind active by having a few toys in the garden.
DOG owners are being urged to see if their pet pooches are prize pooches in a charity show.
THERE'S no such thing as a dog's life for these pampered pooches.
It wants to create a nation of pampered pooches to put the rest of the canine world to shame.
Don't put a pooch in the "doghouse" for bad breath, help pooches freshen up.
Wipe those images of pooches trying to roll joints with their paws from your mind - what is being called for is medical cannabis for sick dogs.
Workers at Wirral firms Trendy r Pooches and Doggy Daycare were given a makeover o in an ITV show fronted by Jane McDonald.
After a long day of exercise and play time, pooches enjoy individual rub down time with bellies, backs and paws receiving extra special attention.
HUDDERSFIELD pooches are set to have a happy Christmas this year with four out of five of their owners expected to buy them gifts.