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a hair style that draws the hair back so that it hangs down in back of the head like a pony's tail

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Joe, a bearded and ponytailed anti-hero, has been offered 50k to close the case and must hurt the people responsible The BIG release
The 28-year-old WAG, who packed "15 bags" for the trip to support her hubby Wayne Rooney in his upcoming game against Uruguay, looked all toned up sporting a make-up free look and ponytailed hair, as she clicked the scenery around on her phone, the Mirror reported.
Ponytailed, mustachioed and overweight, Jimenez is not what you would call a "model athlete".
We will continue to do so," the ponytailed Tejpal, flanked by a team of lawyers, told reporters.
Tall, ponytailed, and sporting a leather jacket, he looks a cross between Frank Zappa, a roadie and someone out of a Mad Max movie.
EMRAAN HASHMI was seen sporting an all- new ponytailed look while shooting for his upcoming film, Ghanchakkar , with Vidya Balan at a Mumbai suburban rail station in the early hours of Thursday.
They've hit the woodwork more than any other team and they're also leading the way when it comes to lanky ponytailed flops heading the ball straight at the goalkeeper and twinkle-toed Uruguayan forwards dribbling through the entire opposition before dragging a shot inches wide.
Speaking of Dom, those of you who attended our SME Advisor Stars of Business Awards 2010 would recollect him as the ponytailed dynamo in a red jacket who performed hit after hit at the gala dinner.
I don't have dreams anymore," the 21-year-old, ponytailed rebel said, when asked if she planned to leave the mountains someday and rejoin her family.
Audience member Kristy Kaufmann, a blonde, ponytailed Army wife of nine years, pointed out that while the Army can teach its recruits coping mechanisms, it has no comparable way to systematically reach their spouses and families.
That both ponytailed Rebecca and the glam actress of "Dogs" are pregnant--and played by Geraldine Pailhas--is a key head-twister here.
Concha tried to picture a "soldada," and imagined a ponytailed woman in a green jumpsuit and suspenders, possibly with a gun slung across her waist.
One non-sapeur fashionista visitor, a tall ponytailed African in a red tartan skirt carrying a helmet, was stunned by an old Dinka corset from Sudan, a torso-sized piece made of red beads, metal and fiber.
In Polygendered and Ponytailed, Dayna Daniels argues that the femininity-masculinity divide prevents women athletes from being taken seriously in their sports.
Guest host Tony Little--a short, ponytailed, and clinically insane fitness gum--needs no sound to convey his manic salesmanship as he darts breathlessly between various machines--each operated by a smiling fitness model with perfect form (see genetic predisposition above).