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express mail carried by relays of riders on horseback

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With news of increasing crude oil production in basins Pony Express serves, we're even more confident that utilization of our pipeline will continue to increase in the future.
The Pawnee Terminal will provide commercial and operational synergies with Pony Express and offers the potential for incremental sourcing opportunities such as directly connecting nearby producers.
I learned a lot working at Pony Express under the tutelage of the late Joe Elli-thorpe and Ray Howser.
Pending successful conclusion of Pony Express Pipeline's open season, the Tallgrass Grasslands Terminal will serve as a new pipeline origin for the Pony Express Platteville Extension.
The Alma spacing pilot and record-setting Pony Express oil well are examples of the excellent results we are achieving in the Meramec formation, which has quickly evolved into the best emerging development play in North America, said Tony Vaughn, chief operating officer.
Pony Express (1860-1861) Succeeded by: The telegraph
Caption: Clydesdale plant with Pony Express mobile silo (right).
com)-- The Prostate Cancer Pony Express will depart from the Shenandoah Valley Harley-Davidson at 9:00 am and ride to Washington, DC on Sunday, August 11, 2013.
On the left side of the barrel is marked "Russel, Majors and Waddell Pony Express Presentation Model.
1860: The Pony Express service began, running from St Joseph in Missouri to Sacramento.
A few years later, Wells acquired the Pony Express, a company shipping packages between the American east and west coasts.
A day before the pony express incident, the owner took the beast into a Wetherspoons pub.
Hill, the author of several books on western trails, recounts the story of the Pony Express and its 2,000 mile route from Missouri to California.
The Pony Express was set up to deliver post through the hostile territory between St Joseph, Missouri, and the US West Coast.
Although it lasted less than two years, the courage, stamina and resourcefulness of its young riders, careering day and night across prairies, mountains and deserts, heedless of storms, accidents and dangerous Indian country, gave the Pony Express a lasting place in the history and mythology of the Wild West.