pony cart

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a cart with an underslung axle and two seats

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I jumped right in and helped her unhitch the pony cart and brush Ladybug.
Kids can play old toys like hupla, skittles and spinning tops, and there's a pony cart ride, a tram, forge, lime kilns and a chance to go underground in a coal mine.
I was only able to let my own children get a glimpse of her by visiting Osborne, where she often drove in her pony cart about the quiet lanes.
The little pony cart rattled along the cobblestone street.
Then Roberts hooked up a pony cart, and the entire family went for a drive on a rural road.
Make or buy a pony cart or wagon for your donkey and he can help bring in the winter's wood, haul out manure, bring in the harvest or take you on a quiet evening's ride.
However, in the case of the Talgo, the bogie is pulled from the front of a triangle frame, turning like a two-wheeled pony cart, keeping the wheels exactly on the rails.
I drove Prince and the two-wheeled pony cart like a chariot, loaded with jugs of water to the sweating men in the field: They hailed me good naturedly, swigging straight jugs.
I guess the prior attack on the kids in the pony cart, the attack of the lady who walks the neighborhood with her leashed dog, the attack that required gardeners to ``blow'' the dog off a child who was knocked down and attacked while exiting a school bus, and a more recent attack on two young girls walking their pony on the bridle path, were not enough to convince the judge that this animal needs to be put away.
They also enjoy hitching the pony cart up to it -- a loop of twine across the fils rests on the back of their "longhorn" now turned "cart horse" to keep the cart level.