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a temporary bridge built over a series of pontoons

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UNHCR field staff reported an initial group of about 750 Syrians crossing over the pontoon bridge at Peshkhabour just before noon on Thursday.
We took the all-weather boat alongside the yacht, which was badly damaged after it had hit the pontoon bridge by the marina.
On another occasion, incoming rounds started falling as a few of our boys were at the end of the Bailey pontoon bridge.
When they came to the Red Sea, Moses had his engineers build a pontoon bridge, and they all got across safely.
Andrew Morin (top right), convoy commander, brings up position data on a Precision Lightweight Global Positioning System Receiver An Army palletized loading system vehicle (bottom) crosses the Tigris fiver on a pontoon bridge during a convoy to a forward operating base in Iraq.
And while they study, let the Army place a pontoon bridge across the river in the area of the High Level, let trains run as usual, and vehicles can use the Bailey Bridge to keep in the general area of the High Level.
In Novi Sad, where NATO planes destroyed bridges in 1999, river traffic was blocked for three weeks because water levels had fallen so low that Serbian authorities were no longer able to open a temporary pontoon bridge.
Back in the present, Choi manages to rescue her, leading to the big set piece finale hi which the pair attempt to assassinate a top official on an elaborate pontoon bridge, a battle in which Choi and Yun go head to head.
Queen Emma, named for a Dutch queen, is a pontoon bridge with an unusual history and mission as a long, folding bridge capable of opening and closing for ocean-going ships.
On 27 October 1863, Brigadier General William "Baldy" Smith (see photo), Chief of Staff and chief engineer for the western army, emplaced a pontoon bridge across the Tennessee River.
Offshore, a pontoon bridge runs parallel with the expopark, offering good views back towards Neuchatel and connecting with the main architectural event: Groupe Multipack's manmade island surrounded by artificial reed beds.
Thus the crowd in these photographs is always channeled into a geometry--a pontoon bridge, an extremely dense and squared-off tent city--that collides with the sense of the infinite aroused by the number of believers and by the extremely deep field in which the throng disappears from view.
There was the time in 1996 when American peacekeeping forces were said to have built a pontoon bridge over a roaring river just so Amanpour and her crew coul get their equipment across.
SDF officers, including 900 medical staff, will provide transportation by air and sea, carry equipment and build a pontoon bridge during the drill.
There is a rivetting account of the near suicidal effort to build the pontoon bridge at Fredericksburg while exposed to the fire of sharpshooters.