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Any organism that is more ape than human is called a pongid (from a Congolese world for "ape").
This specimen later became well-known as the "Taung skull," and is the skull of a child aged three or four with its milk teeth, and which Dart, correctly but simplistically, described as the "missing link" in human evolution, that is to say, a fossil that showed both human and pongid features.
1973a): New pongids from the Miocene of Valles Penedes Basin (Catalonia, Spain).
1) Although dynamics of filoviruses as causes of epidemic diseases among humans, great apes, and other primates have been described in detail (2-13), the natural reservoir, mode of transmission to hominids and pongids (humans, gorillas, and chimpanzees), and temporal dynamics remain unclear.
Their diet continued to consist mainly of fruit and seeds (still the main components of the human diet), with a sup-plement of insects and small animals, but the australopithecines' dentition was unlike that of the forest primates, lacking the large canines typical of male pongids.