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The BBMB conveyed meeting of the Technical Committee to deliberate inflows and to regulate release of water for efficient management of Gobind Sagar reservoir at Bhakra Dam and Pong reservoir in order to meet the demands of irrigation and drinking water, to achieve optimal generation from its power plant and to avoid wastage of water of Satluj, Beas and Ravi rivers downstream of international boundary.
The tournament culminated in a championship event, in which the ground level of Park Avenue Plaza was transformed into a ping pong arena, complete with an emcee, music by a live DJ, and bleacher seating for spectators to take in all the action.
Now, more than 40 years later, comes the Table Pong Project - a fully-funded Kickstarter bringing the classic game back as a coffee table.
Ping pong tables will appear in surprising public locations across Newcastle, from parks and shopping centres to places including The Gate, Discovery Museum and the Cycle Hub.
We are shaped like the ball's sphere between ping and pong.
The club not only provides professional training in terms of Ping Pong skills and body strength build-up, but also serves as a social platform for Ping Pong players to make friends and have fun together.
Diversified technology company 3M has changed the face of Ping Pong to blue following an unusual request for a specific grade of coloured coated abrasive paper to cover the bats used in the World Championships.
Ping and Pong are penguins who love to have fun together, but Pong is always better at everything than Ping.
ClickPress, Mon Aug 19 2013] Pong 2013 is the up-to-date version of the most famous and nevertheless very first arcade game of history: PONG.
Standing alongside world No 1 Xin Xu, who helped the Chinese national team star at the recent World Championships in Paris and is supporting the programme, UAE player Rashid Abdul Hamid on Wednesday unveiled details of the Ping Pong Dubai project, which aims to increase grassroots participation in the sport here.
Be it a tennis player, a footballer or a cricketer, they have all smacked a ping pong ball across the table.
Ping Pong Dubai is a non-profit venture between the UAE Table Tennis Association, Dubai Sports Council and Falcon and Associates and will serve up its first attempt to get people involved in the sport at Dubai Sports World,
29 -- One of the first video games ever made, Pong turns 40 today.
Golden boy Justin Bieber has been caught in the act, but c'mon, who hasn't played beer pong before they turned 21?
THE city is going ping pong crazy after 64 free-to-use tables were set up for the summer.