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Synonyms for ponderousness

the state or quality of being physically heavy

Synonyms for ponderousness

an oppressive quality that is laborious and solemn and lacks grace or fluency


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the property of being large in mass

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After one stop and a glimpse of the tasteless decorations, mixing Stalinist ponderousness with a sort of kitschy, plastic levity, we were urged off the train and up into the outside world again.
And indulge he did, with an artist's passion but, also, an obsessive's ponderousness.
Krog here seems to try to evoke an ancient autochthony through the somewhat awkward archaisms, as well as some of the ponderousness of the median Afrikaans syntax, and through enhancing a lamenting incantatory structure.
For all of its ponderousness, the Clinton administration's Information Infrastructure Task Force, associated private-sector advisory committee, and electronic commerce initiative composed an evangelizing force instigating discussions (and writing) across the country and even internationally.
It was conveyed, mostly, by the sheer ponderousness of many" (620).
Unmistakably but subtly; the gambit has none of the ponderousness which continues to appall me in the first section of "Thrush" back in 1947: "I do not know much about houses.
57) By and large, national cultures have not adapted well to disaster; such is the ponderousness of national administrative mechanisms.
It is dense, over-written, over-ambitious, and curiously anachronistic in style, owing more to Thackeray than to George Eliot, while exemplifying a ponderousness alien to both.
He seized on the Mahler and Berg which lie behind the Sea Interludes and Passacaglia from Britten's Peter Grimes, emphasising expression to the risk of ponderousness.
Personal joys are set against the political ponderousness of Nixon and his Chinese counterparts, and--in Davenport's fictional world, anyway--personal joys win the day.
The ability to flip between small or medium folders and files avoids the ponderousness of Archaeological pathways.
One of the real needs of a modern technology company is the need for quickness, agility and responsiveness, whereas some of the traditional hallmarks of a law firm have been ponderousness and stability," he says.
Unfortunately, this veiled sonic ponderousness carries over into Litton's music-making, which is a little slow to get started, anyway, and is made to seem all the more lugubrious because of the audio.
Turn from the God of speed to the God of ponderousness.
He spoke to hearing specialists, wore an earplug on the set and kept an ivory tortoise in his pocket to remind him of his character's ponderousness.