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Synonyms for ponderosity

the state or quality of being physically heavy

Synonyms for ponderosity

the property of being large in mass

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1995) Effect of body size, ponderosity, and blood pressure on left ventricular growth in children and young adults in the Bogalusa Heart Study.
Kaijek learns also that the findings of the goldfields are always the unchartered (and so senseless) findings of a rare and gleaming ponderosity that is spiritually bereft.
She has an awful ponderosity of frame, not pulpy, like the looser development of our few fat women, but massive with solid beef and streaky tallow; so that (although struggling manfully against the idea) you inevitably think of her as made up of steaks and sirloins.
Mothers remember birthweights of adolescent children: the Muscatine Ponderosity Family Study.