pond scum

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free-floating freshwater green algae

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You people, on the other hand, are pond scum and I show my contempt for you by wearing gigantic curlers.
This system will convert pond scum into biofuel, ultimately making the campus, and possibly the entire community, more self-sustainable.
By Tiffany HsuTo many, algae is little more than pond scum, a nuisance to swimmers and a frustration to boaters.
When Adam Freeman graduated last December from Kennesaw State University in Georgia with a degree in biochemistry, he wanted to work in only one field: pond scum.
As our authors advise, however, we shouldn't throw out the jatropha, French-fry grease and pond scum with the maize.
algae industry will be in Washington this week, urging lawmakers to consider tax breaks and other incentives to help turn pond scum into an economically viable fuel for commercial aviation.
We buy the newspapers; watch the TV programmes, and worse yet buy the products and services to associate ourselves with people barely on the next rung of the evolutionary ladder from pond scum.
In his desperation to escape accountability to a creator, Richard Dawkins (Commentary, April 27) must have spent a proverbial eternity tracing his family tree back to pond scum and happenstance.
But it is the mark of a truly free country that even mobile pond scum can make a bid for the White House.
As a professional travel writer, I occupy a place in the journalistic hierarchy somewhere just above pond scum.
I considered sitting through "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Lessons from an Amoeba," but I was afraid images of ex-girlfriends and pond scum would ruin my appetite.
And stories about everything, too, from tobacco and sugar in the Caribbean to potatoes, pond scum, and penicillin in the Old Sod.
Just a few years ago, pipeline and telecom companies had gone from Wall Street darlings to pond scum almost overnight.