pond scum

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free-floating freshwater green algae

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In his desperation to escape accountability to a creator, Richard Dawkins (Commentary, April 27) must have spent a proverbial eternity tracing his family tree back to pond scum and happenstance.
By Thursday, I felt like a cross between a jellyfish and pond scum.
Just a few years ago, pipeline and telecom companies had gone from Wall Street darlings to pond scum almost overnight.
On a good day, traffic wardens would cross the road to avoid us,on a bad day pond scum would deny all knowledge of us.
They don't have to be treated like pond scum by some two-bit organization.
Prowling beneath a thick carpet of lily pads and pond scum are Channa argus, freaky-looking fish better known as northern snakeheads (see above).
If they are the children of plankton, descendants of eels and pond scum.
The collection features frog-shaped soap, frog scented (green apple) bath salt, pond scum bath gel, and Mud Puddle body lotion.
Although the fact that it will consume pond scum and sewage may not do a lot for the fish's popularity as a table variety.
Homeostasis is what separates higher animals from pond scum.