pond cypress

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smaller than and often included in the closely related Taxodium distichum

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and cutgrass (Leersia hexandra); (2) cypress savannas with fine sandy soil underlain by a layer of clay, with a relatively open pond cypress (Taxodium ascendens) canopy and an understory of panic grasses and broomsedge (Andropogon virginicus); and (3) cypress/gum swamps with thick organic soils and a dense overstory of pond cypress and swamp tupelo (Nyssa biflora) with virtually no understory or midstory vegetation (Kirkman et al.
But Florida does offer a good variety of old growth, including bald and pond cypress forests (the state's tallest tree is the Senator, a 115-foot-tall bald cypress in Spring Hammock Nature Park near the St.
Suddenly, the ground below me becomes soggy and the upland trees give way to a savanna filled with pond cypress and pitcher plants.
The 24,600-acre wilderness area in North Florida's Apalachicola National Forest features two national co-champion Ogeechee tupelo trees (Nyssa ogeche) along with huge slash pine, pond cypress, and swamp tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica var.
The 15-foot wide path will be planted with Pond Cypress trees.
The main species in North America is Taxodium distichum, but others of note include pond cypress, Taxodium ascendens, and Mexican or montezuma cypress, Taxodium mucronatum.