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decoration consisting of a ball of tufted wool or silk


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dusky grey food fish found from Louisiana and Florida southward

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Nonetheless, Holmes and Pompon said they are not yet seeing cybercrime and trading in the Dark Net overwhelm any burgeoning technology development.
Bulletproof hosters often become 'Botnet Command and Control' networks,' Pompon said.
French dealership Univers du Bronze is bringing work by Pompon and Sandoz to BRAFA (see preview, pp.
To order by debit/credit card, call 0844 811 6716 quoting SMG17049 or send a cheque made payable to MGN SMG17049 to Pompon Dahlia Offer (SMG17049), PO Box 64, South West District Office, Manchester, M16 9HY, or visit www.
In the grand foyer, visitors are greeted with cloudlike displays of silk plaid draperies with swags and jabots on the windows, each playfully trimmed with fringe and pompons to match the tufted love seat, designed by Carolyn E.
We'd have more respect for Garrett if he wielded pompons and broke into a cheer every time he was asked about his football coach: ``Two, four, six, eight, who do I appreciate?
Check the pompons at the door: At the start of most major sporting events, a directive is usually given to the media: No cheering in the press box.
More commonly, whenever pompons appear in a movie, such as in the current ``Replacements,'' they represent the cranial content of the film's creators.
Go for the one that screams '70s, from its stripes or granny squares to its pompons at the neckline.
While that didn't exactly conjure images of tailgate parties, brass bands and pompons, it did strike the traditionalists as more dignified than the Federal Express Orange Bowl, the Micron/PC Bowl and the Poulan Weed-Eater Bowl.
He wore a gray silk tie with his tuxedo to match her Las Vegas showgirl costume by Richard Tyler that was accented with adorable Christian Dior silver satin pumps with pompons of silver fox on the toes.
Wearing a Wildcats T-shirt, waving blue-and-white pompons and trailed by no entourage, Judd, 29, would have blended into the blue-and-white background that overpowered the Georgia Dome if not for the bedazzled CBS cameraman who trained his lens on her during practically every stoppage in play.