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a fleshy fruit (apple or pear or related fruits) having seed chambers and an outer fleshy part


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But more cases have been reported after approval in countries outside the United States and in a review of 18 clinical studies; where possible cases of POME were adjudicated; of about 3,500 patients, there were nine cases of POME in 8 patients.
Despite the problems of this color, the final discharge POME from most Malaysian palm oil mills has color above 200 ADMI, the regulation for color in industrial discharge as outlined in the Fifth Schedule Paragraph 11[1][a] Environmental Quality [Industrial Effluents]Regulations 2009 [11].
You need to stay in the doctor's office, clinic, or hospital for 30 minutes after having your AVEED injection so that your doctor can watch you for symptoms of POME or a serious allergic reaction.
The deal will see GE supporting a co-development program on POME biogas-to-power potential within the Malaysian palm sector by offering expertise in gas engines technology and resources.
The realistic, ecologically compatible systems target insect and mite pests of alfalfa, citrus, cotton, pine trees, pome and stone fruits, and soybeans.
Under the agreement, GE will support a joint development program on POME biogas-to-power potential within the Malaysian palm industry by providing expertise in gas engines technology and resources.
Plant pathologist Ed Podleckis has developed a new screening test for detecting viroids that attack pome fruit trees and potatoes.
The Coalition Government is committed to assisting Goulburn Valley stone and pome fruit growers take advantage of emerging export and domestic opportunities, Mr Walsh said.
Tree nut, pome fruit and citrus growers have a new tool to fight more than 60 broadleaf weeds
The non-selective herbicide Alion was developed primarily for use in perennial crops such as citrus, tree nut, grapes, pome and stone fruit, and multiyear sugarcane.
Syngenta intends to register a range of products containing isopyrazam in major EU markets for use on cereals and others crops such as oilseed rape, vegetables and pome fruits.
Pome on the Range Orchards & Winery offers a great day of family fun at the apple orchard just minutes from Ottawa.
In addition to treating pome fruits, Purfresh Wash can be used to treat other fruits and vegetables such as citrus, cherries, tomatoes, and potatoes.