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a fleshy fruit (apple or pear or related fruits) having seed chambers and an outer fleshy part


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Experiment was conducted in 250 mL Erlenmeyer flasks that contained 100 mL of POME that was covered with cotton gauze stopper.
The POME is rich in organic carbon with a chemical oxygen demand (COD) value higher than 40 g/L and nitrogen content around 0.
The drink is sweetened using agave and comes in flavours such as guava and limon (lime and lemon), pome (pomegranate and berries), and kola (made from kola nut).
Both rose and hawthorn--another pome producer--often form dense thickets that make for nearly impenetrable bedding cover too.
Baccata 25 Marquesa 26 Misouri 2071 27 Mizuso Tsugaru 28 Mutsu 29 Mizuso Tsugaru 30 Mutsu 31 NJ 59 32 Nero 26 33 NJ-45 34 NJ-52 35 NJ-76 36 NJ-96 37 Odama Oley 38 Odin 39 Ozark Gold 40 Pink Lady 41 Planaltina 42 Pome 13 43 Pome 18 44 Pome 19 45 Pome 22 46 Pome 23 47 PX 216 48 PX 565 49 PX 1032 50 Rainha 51 Senshu 52 Splendor 53 Spy Gold 54 Summered 55 Toukou 56 Willie Sharp 57 Wilmuta 58 TABELA 2--Relacao de genotipos existentes no Banco de Germoplasma de Macieira da Epagri/Estacao Experimental de Cacador, portadores de resistencia a mancha foliar de Glomerella.
Ingredients 500g fresh linguine 3 tbsp olive oil Finely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon, plus extra wedges to serve 1 clove garlic, crushed 2 tbsp Cook's Ingredients Nonpareille capers in brine, drained 400g pack frozen Waitrose Fruits De Mer 1 pack Pome Dei Moro tomatoes (about 200g), diced 25g pack fresh basil, finely shredded Method Bring a large pan of water to the boil over a high heat.
The authors call their principles POME, for preparing a learning environment, organizing study materials, monitoring progress, and evaluating outcomes.
It became a major pest, primarily of pome fruit (apples and pears) and berry fruit, and a minor pest of grapes, citrus, stone fruit and kiwi fruit.
The properties of POME prepared in this experimental analysis were compared with diesel fuel in table 1.
Table 18-2 Temperate Fruit Trees Group Common name Scientific name Pome fruits Apple Malus domestica Pear Pyrus communis Drupe or stone fruits Peach Prunus persica Nectarine Prunus persica Plum Prunus spp.
SOUTH Shields MP David Miliband didn't realise his family's history would pome under fire when he accepted the job of Foreign Secretary.
In those pear-loving lands, the contrast between the two pome fruits couldn't be more obvious.