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(of hair) groomed with pomade

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He was fashionably dressed and foppish, with his hair parted in the middle, well combed and pomaded, and wore a number of rings on his well-scrubbed fingers and a gold chain on his waistcoat.
The rest of the more than 5-minute-long "The Stars" is filled with a revolving door of eerie doppelgangers, and eventually ends with a scene in which Bowie and Swinton are dressed in identical suits, their short, light hair pomaded back exactly alike, in near-mirror images.
In Prozession, 2004, two pomaded men in top hats and tails carry figurines, similar in miniature to other figures in the background.
That may explain the wealth of Dracula ballets that have roosted in American regional companies of late--those swirling tapes, that pomaded hair, those sexy overbites
The main attraction is just plain old proverbial eye candy in the form of glossy-lipped, apple-cheeked, exfoliated pretty boy punims peeking out from perfectly pomaded locks.