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Synonyms for pomade

hairdressing consisting of a perfumed oil or ointment

apply pomade to (hair)

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Stick to powder highlighters on the face and experiment with a hair pomade.
He regards his moustache as a thing of perfect beauty, taking great pains that it look its best and using scented pomade to help keep it impeccably styled.
When hair is 50 per cent dry apply some wet look styling product like a pomade, gel or wax.
Whether customers are looking for that little bit of volume whilst holding their hair style or they need pomade to shape and texturise, there is something for everyone and for every hair style.
The manufacturers of Black & White hair pomade could be tempted to bid for the stadium's naming rights.
That it reads as inescapably classed is apposite, too, as is the implication of unmanageable hair and one of its oft-advertised solutions, pomade, given Ellen Gallagher's previous employment of the stuff.
Lady Mary was reluctant to tag along until the toothy foreigner reeking of pomade she'd been expecting, turned out to be a smouldering Arabian knight with a passion for whip-crack-away, whipcrack-away in every sense of the word.
Miracle's Follicle Healer line includes: a pomade fortified with tea tree, almond, coconut and safflower oil and shea butter; a creme fortified with shea butter, vitamins A, E, C and B3 plus tea tree and jojoba oil; a hydrating oil fortified with tea tree, jojoba and castor oil; and a deep conditioning treatment fortified with tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, soy protein and vitamins E, B3 and C.
Basics exhiBiTS include a set of Beatles bobbinghead dolls worth pounds 1,400, a 1964 Beatles "Flip Your Wig" board game valued at pounds 170 (below), Beatles talcum powder from 1964, a rare Beatles record player worth pounds 3,500, Beatles hair pomade, a Fab Four ice cream glass and a pair of Beatles "Wing Dings" merchandising sneakers valued at pounds 830.
Methodical dust shades the combs and pomade while the wielded goodwill of the sunlight picks out a patch of paisley wallpaper to expand leisurely on it.
Baritone Gregory Dahl (Figaro), dressed dapperly in a brown, vested suit, his hair slicked back with a generous dollop of pomade, broke down the wall between the stage and the audience as soon as he appeared.
I wanted flashy Cuban heels, lots of quiffs and pomade, girls going wild.
In the early 19th century, men with moustaches would apply a scented pomade to their facial hair to make it hold its shape.