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Synonyms for pom-pom

decoration consisting of a ball of tufted wool or silk


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artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes

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As for the addition of pom-poms, which incidentally is a trend in fashion, it came natural as pom-poms are also part of the Bagobo costume, said Juan.
Use scissors to lightly trim the pom-poms so that they're evenly round.
Court shoes with pom-pom embellishments are sweetly seductive, while anklestrap stilettos, reminiscent of furry handcuffs, leave little to the imagination.
FROM rainbow-bright stoles to pom-pom topped shoes, faux fur has really come into its own for autumn.
She explains why she chose her pom-pom tree, her husband's wedding speech and their cake-topper and a drawing by daughter Sophie.
6 Omitting the central pom-pom that covers the join, count four pom-poms from the middle.
More than 800 pom-poms illuminated by LEDs have been created by artists and volunteers of the informally named 'The Pom-Pom Club.
Add felt or flexi-foam ears, bead or wiggly eyes, pom-pom or felt nose, and yarn or pipe cleaner mouth.
Form antennae by folding a pipe cleaner in half, stapling the bend to the back side of the head, then curl each tip around a small black pom-pom.
Old-school pom-pom crafts are really easy, really fun and really adorable.
These are lacecap, as opposed to mop head or pom-pom, varieties.
So far, more than 700 pom-poms have been created, with artists and members of the public joining the Pom-Pom Club, which has been meeting at the Butcher's Arms in Hepworth and The Sculpture Lounge Studios in Holmfirth.
WHEN Fendi launched pom-pom monster handbag Fendi launched pom-pom monster handbag charms, right, at a staggering PS368 a pop, they sold out almost instantly.
CHEERY THOUGHT: The Saintsations show Billy their pom-pom skills ahead of the Superbowl Picture: TRACEY O'NEILL
She found green-spotted sheets from Garnet Hill, and a bright-green duvet with white pom-pom trim from Pottery Barn Teen.