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a disparaging term for a British person

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SEM micrographs of freeze fracture surfaces of the specimens of POM (a), EOC38 (b) and POM nanocomposite with 10 wt% of EOC38 and 2 wt% of ZnO at different magnifications: 2.
Using the glue, stick on the pom poms in whichever colour order - green is good for the wreath, with a red ribbon bow.
POM is commonly extruded as continuous lengths of round or rectangular section.
The Pinckneyville Poms came back from Springfield with a trophy after finishing third in the Jazz Category at the Illinois Drill Team Association state finals.
Before extrusion process, pure POM was dried at 80[degrees]C in a precise drying oven (Blue Pard, BPG-9070A, China) for 3 h, POE and GMA-g-HDPE at 50[degrees]C for 3 h.
Deepak Sethi, Co-Founder of Pom Pom tells us, "Our experience in handling Delhi Waste made us realise how much recyclable material is generated in Delhi.
Pom poms are popping up all over the place, from dresses to scarves to shopping bags.
Supreme Court has declined to hear arguments in POM Wonderful v.
It will be located at the existing manufacturing site of Kolon Plastics in Gimcheon, Korea, which already includes a POM production.
When one morning, Pom Pom, the panda, gets out of bed on the wrong side, everything seems to be amiss.
With those words, a federal appeals court in January put an end to attempts by POM Wonderful to claim that its ads about pomegranate juice are free speech protected by the Constitution.
Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled in favor of the FTC regarding the deceptive advertising case against POM Wonderful, its parent company and its principals.